‘Unboxing Dance’ Podcast Interview

Introducing ‘Unboxing Dance’ by recent Trinity Laban graduate Josie Bower, which features Bawren Tavaziva. This is episode is part of a podcast series made for Josie’s dissertation titled ‘Unboxing Dance: A reflection and appreciation of Black dance in Britain’.
A topic chosen as a reaction to her own experience of British dance curricula, Josie felt it necessary to investigate Black dance in Britain further from a position of white privilege. She aimed to provide an educational space, for both herself and listeners, exploring first hand experiences of what it is to be a Black dance artist in the UK. 
In this segment of the podcast, Bawren delves into the new work BOY’S KHAYA. He explains that the source of inspirations for the work stems from his upbringing in Zimbabwe and how he uses personal memories in his creative process. The importance of versatility as well as Bawren’s unique fusion of dance styles is also discussed.
Listen to Bawren’s episode here: