Professional Class

Train with the current company dancers, challenge your mind, nurture your body, and develop a better understanding of Bawren’s unique African, Contemporary and Ballet dance fusion. The classes are physically challenging and will raise fitness levels – a great way to train while we take this time away from the studio.

Available now on our TAVAZIVA DANCE OFFICIAL YouTube channel, each class is approximately 40 minutes.

Intermediate Warm-up (40 mins)

African Dance (40 mins)

African and Contemporary Fusion (40 mins)

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For more information please call or email us at:
020 8237 7010

In collaboration with bbodance, Tavaziva will be offering a series of open classes on 12 January, 2 February and 2 March 2023. Anyone aged 18 years + is welcome to attend this general-level ability class and explore Bawren Tavaziva’s unique style and technique, a beautiful and dynamic synthesis of contemporary, ballet and African dance, in an energetic, fun and supportive environment. These classes are a great way to become acquainted with Tavaziva’s work and prepare to take part in our TavIntensives or company auditions.

Book now for upcoming Dates:
Wednesday 12 January 2022
Class with Bawren Tavaziva - African/Contemporary Technique

Ensign House
Battersea Reach
Juniper Drive
London SW181TA

18:30 – 20:00

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£15 for 3 classes