Tavaziva and F.R.E.S.H Studios at WAF


Tavaziva comes together with F.R.E.S.H Studios for a screening of excerpts of Izindava and a fascinating live interview with Bawren Tavaziva, 5pm on the 4th May at Fresh Ground as a part of Wandsworth Arts Fringe (WAF).

The event, led by Movement Psychotherapist Natasha Sackey, will include screened sections from Bawren’s work Izindava (2017-2018), a piece that explores and is based on traumatic childhood and religious fears in Bawren’s upbringing, and the redemptive power of dance. The event will progress to an open conversation between Natasha, Bawren and a panel of artists and choreographers that have explored trauma through dance and the cathartic journey they have been on. This insightful and moving event is a unique opportunity to unpick Bawren’s intricate choreography and learn about his incredible past.

F.R.E.S.H. Studios are hosting this event in association with Dance of the African Diaspora (DAD) and One Dance UK, supported by Wandsworth Arts Fringe through Wandsworth Grant Fund.

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Tavaziva Workshops at WAF…why not experience Bawren’s choreography firsthand! You can also catch two brilliant Tavaziva workshops during WAF in collaboration with F.R.E.S.H Studios on Saturday 18 May. At 10am 12-18 year olds that want to develop their creativity, confidence and movement skills can try out Tavaziva’s unique choreographic style in a 45 minute taster workshop, great for those that have little or no dance experience. The taster will be followed by a Pro Class at 11am for dance students, graduates and professional dancers that would like to improve their technique, strength and stamina – be prepared for a highly energetic and physically challenging contemporary class. Book now to avoid disappointment!