Keep Moving and Stay Positive!

The Tavaziva Team just wanted to reach out to you during these worrying and challenging times to say hello and to keep connected. As we continue to experience lock-down together, it’s even more important now to stay positive, support each other and be reassured that an end to the restrictions will come and our freedom will return.  

We feel so humbled to hear how artists, producers, choreographers, musicians and our whole cultural network are drawing breath, taking stock and gradually re-inventing ways to communicate and keep our practices alive and relevant. 

For Tavaziva, we are delving into our archive, contextualising past productions, assembling unseen footage and exploring on-line demos, classes and audio recordings with Bawren and our collaborators.

We are pleased by the encouragement and support provided by our colleagues at Arts Council England, One Dance UK, messages from our friends and fellow arts organisations, and by the many support groups and funds made available for artists on various platforms. 

‘My heart reaches out to those families who have lost their beloved ones due to the Coronavirus. I know we will conquer this and return to normal life, so let’s all keep ourselves lifted through this difficult time’. Bawren Tavaziva, Artistic Director

While returning to live performance, open class and workshops may feel like a far-away dream at the moment, we encourage you to keep moving, stay motivated and connected. Like Akram Khan recently said, “Hope brings possibility”.

Stay safe and well, Tavaziva Team