Ghana Dance Project 2015

Through weekly dance training sessions, the Din Nani programme aims to provide a safe and supportive environment, to strengthen communities and to empower young people through dance.

In 2015, Bawren Tavaziva and dancers Lisa Rowley and Ellen Yilma joined the ‘Din Nani Cultural Performance Group’ with our Company Administrator and Education Manager Emily Bray and  Jack Cinamon, our organiser who had previously worked with Din Nani and the RAINS Foundation.

Together they created choreography and exchanged their dance styles and techniques with the local Ghanaian dancers and their artistic leader Chief Inusa. This led to a performance at the end of the week in their outdoor training ground, watched by around 70 local people. Workshops were also delivered in local schools where hundreds of children were thrilled to join in.

Tavaziva hopes to continue their relationship with the Din Nani group.