Gabriela Montgomery-Solano

Gabriela graduated from London Contemporary Dance School in 2012. She has previously trained in Latin American styles, and afro Brazilian dance in Brazil. Gabriela has been part of international events including Dance and The Child International festival, representing The Place in both Brazil and Holland. In 2009 her choreography “Brisa da Tarde” was selected to be performed at the Royal Opera house as part of Youth Dance England’s Young Creative’s. In more recent years, Gabriela has also worked with Siobhan Davis in which she had the chance to witness the creation of “In Plain Clothes”. Gabriela has also  taken part in workshops with Deborah Colker in Rio de Janeiro, worked with other artists such as Richard Alston, Jonathan Goddard, Rosemary Lee, and more recently Janice Garrett from San Francisco, California, who was commissioned to create Gabriela’s graduation Piece. Gabriela joined Tavaziva Dance as part of the London Contemporary Dance School Postgraduate Apprenticeship Scheme in September 2012.