Soul Inspired

Soul Inspired, created in 2005, is Tavaziva’s first full production. The work delves deep into the rich spirit of Africa and flavours this with the coolness of urban society to present a luscious new dance vocabulary that speaks of the movement. With choreography and original music by Bawren Tavaziva, this is a fully realised expression of life in the urban landscapes of both Zimbabwe and Britain, blended with a deeply embedded traditional heritage. The programme features four pieces: Worlds Apart, Zviri Mumyo ‘it is in your heart’, Tribe and Umdlalo Kasisi.

Worlds Apart

‘Am I old enough yet to start criticising the young? We were taught to respect our elders but have the children of today not learnt this? We used to greet our neighbours – do you know yours? A world can live on one street, but generations can be worlds apart.’

Zviri Mumoyo

‘It is in your heart’ – a solo from the soul.


Tribal wars. Raw aggression. Passion. Instinct. Spirit and Fire.

Umdlalo Kasisi

Inspired by the death of a loved one, Umdlalo Kasisi is a heartfelt narrative of love and loss, celebrating the gift of life and strength of community.

A series of works fusing African and contemporary dance and exploring their limits for expressing the range of emotions invoked by cross cultural exchange, urbanity, community, love, loss and rage.

Lindsey Clarke, ADAD

By using dance forms of Africa within a contemporary western base, Tavaziva invents an exciting choreographic fusion. 

The Stage

Creative Team


Bawren Tavaziva
Paula Conduit
Simonen Foster
Lerato Lipere
Diwele Lubi
Nicholas Watson
Arthur Kyeyune

Artistic Direction and Choreography

Bawren Tavaziva


Bawren Tavaziva

Rehearsal Director

Tory Jestyn