Bophelo, created in 2006, is about history and reflection, struggle and freedom, partnerships and power. The work, comprised of two new works choreographed and composed by Bawren Tavaziva, unlocks raw emotions. Bophelo also features a new work by Neville Campbell: Proud & Unprotected, and a re-staging of Worlds Apart.

Chivezwa translates as sculptured in Shona language. Two entwined bodies create one moving sculptureā€¦ This duet is inspired by a sculpture; by its movement and stillness, line arcs, light and shade, and the closeness of two bodies.

Mandla means power in Ndebele language. A prayer to the ancestors asking God to help us appreciate and acknowledge the people who sacrificed their lives fighting against oppression.

Proud & Unprotected

Man is
A great wall builder
The Berlin Wall
The Wailing Wall of Jerusalem
But the wall
Most impregnable
Has a moat
Flowing with fright
Around his heart

A wall without windows
For the spirit to breeze through

A wall
Without a door
For love to walk in

~ Walls by Oswald Mtshalis

Intriguing and deeply sensuous

The Stage


Creative Team


Bawren Tavaziva
Paula Conduit
Simonen Foster
Lerato Lipere
Diwele Lubi
Nicholas Watson
Gibson Muriva

Artistic Direction and Choreography

Bawren Tavaziva


Bawren Tavaziva

Rehearsal Director

Joanne Bernard

Production Manager

Chris Copland

Lighting Designer

Jonathon Samuels


Hilary Shedel