Out Now – #DiscoverTavaziva ‘Umdhlalo kaSisi’

The first release of our #DiscoverTavaziva series is Umdhlalo kaSisi is ready to watch NOW!

Inspired by the untimely death of his sister, Umdlalo kaSisi is Bawren’s heartfelt narrative of love and loss, strength of community, and a celebration of her life. Bawren presented this work as a finalist at The Place Prize, shortly before forming Tavaziva Dance. Created in 2004, restaged in 2014, rediscovered in 2020. The films are accompanied by commentary from Bawren Tavaziva providing a context to each of the works.

‘Impressively large, too, is Bawren Tavaziva’s Umdlalo Kasisi whose rich fluid structures build seamlessly to evoke currents of love and loss.’ Judith Mackrell, The Guardian

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