Interview with Lisa Rowley – Dancer and Rehearsal Assistant


















You have been working with Bawren for seven years now, how have you found your new role as rehearsal assistant?

This contract has been a totally different experience for me. I’ve really enjoyed the increased responsibility because it’s given me a new challenge and a step up from being just a dancer. Becoming rehearsal assistant came at the right time because the company is very new this year, so the other dancers come to me for advice and help. It’s been really great to have the opportunity to teach class in the mornings as I know what the dancers bodies need and want day-to-day. It’s been a massive challenge but a challenge that I needed to give me fresh inspiration for this contract.

What is the energy like within this new group of dancers?

It’s very different to last year, obviously because everyone’s fresh and new, there’s an air of excitement which is a really nice vibe to be around all the time. There’s also more time and space within rehearsals because they know the work less. It’s a good thing because everyone’s come in at the same level and at the same time.

How has this creation process been different to past productions you have worked on?

The new company has just made a massive difference. Working with the same people for seven years you know their habits, the way they move and exactly how to dance with them. With new partners you have to learn all over again how they dance and their work ethics. It’s been great to have six new dancers and to be able to watch them, take things and be inspired by each one of them and their way of moving.

Izindava has a lot of messages within it, what do you hope the audience take from the show?

I think Izindava is very relatable and current to what the world is going through at the moment, whether it’s political or whether it’s just a personal journey. For me the main message that I take from the piece is; life is short, stop war and love more. Be more content with the people around you, the work you do, the life you lead and be grateful, instead of causing all this awfulness in the world.