‘The dancers are dynamite’ The Guardian

‘it is not about fear, it is about strength and humanity’

Bawren Tavaziva’s new work is a bold and universal message about human fragility within our changing world.

Beautiful, haunting and provocative, IZINDAVA unearths raw emotions that are unsettling and unforgettable. Extraordinary sculptural costumes extend and abstract Bawren’s choreography with astonishing results.

A very personal piece about traumatic religious childhood fears, IZINDAVA also focusses on the redemptive power of dance, music and Rastafarianism.

Tavaziva’s unique style that seamlessly synthesises ballet, contemporary and African dance is performed by a cast of stunning dancers.

Izindava translates as ‘news’ in the Zimbabwean language Ndebele.

‘I am yet to see a piece that makes me think and reflect on current socio-economic situations and personal experiences the way this did. The dancers were incredible, fully engaged in the work. Performed with more than just their bodies. Full body, mind and spirit’ Audience member


Image: Kwame Lestrade

Artistic Direction and Choreography Bawren Tavaziva

Music Bawren Tavaziva

Dramaturgy Peter Glanville and Joanne Bernard

Creative Producer Beth Cinamon

Costume Design Ben Voorhaar and Sabrina Zyla of Karisma

Lighting Design Sherry Coenen

Production Manager Christopher Silvester

‘Everyone is on a journey but in the end love is the most powerful energy we owe to ourselves. Ambition to love and be love is not something celebrated enough in our society. Thank you’ Audience member

Izindava Trailer

Izindava Teaser Trailer

Upcoming Tour Dates


22 March 2018

Bernie Grant Arts Centre


3 April 2018

Mercury Theatre, Colchester 


12 April 2018

Dance City, Newcastle


14 April 2018

The Civic, Barnsley


18 April 2018

Jersey Arts Centre 


30 April 2018

South Hill Park Arts Centre, Bracknell